Bathfitter is a company found 1984 in Montreal, Canada. Their main goal for the company was to provide bathroom renovation services to commercial buildings in an easier, affordable, less time-consuming ways. In 1987, they branched out to residential market so that home owners can also benefit from their services. Their second goal is to provide the best products and services.

Bathfitter targets commercial property owners and home owners. Each commercial building has its own needs. Depending on the different type of bathrooms, Bathfitter provides different accessories. For example, for nursing homes, and rehabilitation properties may need grab-bars, and shower seats to improve safety in the bathroom. For hotels, and other commercial buildings may want safety bars and seats as well as luxurious accessories and various designs. Home owners may find Bathfitter more affordable, time efficient in innovation process and to clean. Bathfitter also listed maintenance product such as windex, and soap and vinegar.

Bathfitter sends a clear, and result oriented message on its website in each page its own. For both residential and commercial, it draws potential customers in with a FREE in-home consultation with a design consultant. This service is to educate customers with the product details and process of the renovation. There is not much of a conflict message to either targets. Bathfitter guarantees an easy-to-clean, mold and mildew resistant, scratch resistant, acrylic seamless walls and bathtubs. For home owners, they can provide a new shower in one day. An installer will be sent to a home and the process can be done within 8-10 hours. For commercial buildings it require a longer process, due to a larger number of showers to be installed.

Bathfitter has franchise offices across the country in the U.S. and in Montreal, Canada. These offices have showroom for customers to see the products in person. There are staffs to answer any questions and to show how easy it is to maintain the shower walls and tubs. Bathfitter also send sale representatives, and event specialists to local events and kiosks at shopping centers to increase people’s awareness of the company. These channels are effective and appropriate because these products are hard to determine across the website from just looking at a screen. In showrooms, and kiosks, the products are presented to view and to witness easy-to-clean beautiful shower.

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